Paradise Revisited
Project info

“Paradise Revisited” describes childhood memories of Gunkanjima (Battleship Island), which has been abandoned and untouched for over 40 years. The island recently appeared as a haunting backdrop in the 007 movie ‘Skyfall’, representing the evil home of villain, Raoul Silva.
In summer 2015 MAKIKO was granted rare permission by Nagasaki City to visit its restricted zone, in order to show how it is now and to remember how it was 40+ years ago, through the memories of a former resident who spent a happy childhood there.
Battleship Island used to be an industrial metropolis. It was bought by Mitsubishi in 1890 which began extracting coal from undersea mines. In 1960, population reached its peak of 5,267 inhabitants, making it one of the most densely crowded places on earth, but when petroleum replaced coal in Japan in the 1960s, it was closed in 1974. The residents were asked to leave within three months and as leaving ships could not accommodate all their possessions, many of them left their belongings inside of their homes. As a result, the island is caught in a time capsule.
This project was published as “BATTLESHIP ISLAND” by Dewi Lewis Publishing in January 2018.