Trails to Prayer
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Have you ever watched Scorsese’s “Silence”? Who could imagine a desolate island like Nozaki (Nagasaki, Japan) has a similar history behind? Since Christianity was introduced to Japan in 1549, they were oppressed over centuries. MAKIKO was intrigued by the saga of “Hidden” Christians who escaped from prosecution on the mainland to live and worship on a remote island. Approx. 3,000 relocated to Goto Islands in 1797 and majority was “Hidden”. At the beginning of 19th century, first “Hidden” Christians moved in Nozaki Island then gradually built communities. After the Government abolished the law to ban Christianity in 1873, they built their own churches, however, within a century, gradually abandoned due to rapid economic growth since 60’s. The island is 7.36km2 only with rich nature and a history dating back to prehistoric period. MAKIKO visited and stayed there with a guide in October 2016. Her trekking trip ended with finding spirituality.