The Green Series (2014)
Project info

In the summer of 2014 in Moscow, just next to my house, the workers had been changing the old grass lawn to the new. I became not only a spectator but a participant of this restorative process. It started with me simply shooting the various phases of them planting a lawn. As I gradually became involved in the process, I repeatedly returned to the same place and noticed that something had started to change.

The documentation lasted for about a week, and I literally lived every moment of it. Sometimes I began to think that the workers somehow knew me and would leave to me the necessary elements of my puzzle. On some days, the landscape was silent, but sometimes it presented interesting artifacts. Every element was a surprise and every time I rushed with joy over this absolutely clean and fresh untrodden grass.

I find it hard to fully decrypt the meaning of this collective action- I can only interpret it visually and aesthetically.

Now it is an absolutely ordinary lawn, nothing else about it reminds anyone about the work that had been done. These series of photos are the evidence of those trips. In fact, they are the journey by itself, the brightest moments of this journey.