The Collective Glitch
Project info

What defines a portrait? What makes a family? What does a hero look like? Once upon a time, these words conveyed a very different meaning than they do today. The Collective Glitch explores the idea of collective imagery, and what would 16 different images look like when collected, deconstructed, and then woven together like the making of a tapestry.

The Collective Glitch investigates the idea of a collective image. Each image in the series is created by utilizing photographs provided by a collective of people. The collective comprised of 16 individuals from twenty-somethings to seventy-somethings of different genders and from different geographic locations and socio-economic backgrounds. I then requested 10 specific images from them--their favorite portrait of themselves (at any age), a photo that best represented their family, what a hero looks like to them, what does home mean to you...etc. Some were images they personally photographed, some were images they pulled off the internet, and some were from personal family archives, however, all the images were personal and intimate. Utilizing a universal language like morse code, I deconstruct the images into the code format. I then weave the code from all 16 images digitally back together to create a single, compressed image. The resulting image is an amalgamation of all 16 people’s images. Once combined, asking the question, in today’s society, is this what portrait/home/fear/family/hero/a moment/birthday/hope/tragedy looks like?

What has been written about The Collective Glitch:
"Defines a visual a fulcrum point where technological patterns meets humanistic events"
"Creates a new visual tapestry where images are the warp and Morse Code/technology the weft"
"Creates lush layers that answer questions while creating new-found ones"