MYRIAS neo-horizons
Project info

/Have you ever felt the dizziness of thinking on the greatness of the natural world around us?. That place where we belong and at the same time, splitting ourselves, we look from the outside?. How can we see all at once the action in the immobility?, the constant change in what, however, remains?, what is here and now and nevertheless we fell linked to the past?/
I face this poetic study like a research work, with a first fieldwork traveling to places where nature is still so powered, looking for this stopped time; then I make a review of our history working on new images made by old icons of our history of art, in a simbolic way to rejoin nature; finally I hybridize all these materials with an autobiography through some objects that me and my family have collected over the years - I call them "my historical artefacts” -.
All this new visual history, made of possible new horizons (places where two items seem to come together), explores the friction points, the borders between the no-time of natural world and the filther of the continuous flow of history.
This work consider other questions, like our perception of world and nature conditioned by the history buildt by our ancestors; the relativity of the objects selected to tell us our past; the no objetivity to read those traces. So, I wanted to participate and create my own narrative about the world, I wanted to subvert the “official” history.
A vision, from some marginality, of the deep link between eternal nature, human time and our personal cycle.