Controlled Lives
Project info

Controlled Lives is a serie in progress that investigates social transformation, the irreversible mutation that artificial intelligence with facial biometry is bringing into our lives. We are living a digital technological era, a true phenomenon of social revolution, of transforming our privacy and our habits, more and more controlled, through our own photographs that we enter daily in social networks and applications of meetings. Facial recognition, although developed and experimented since the 60s, is finding only a series of fields of use in recent years. This segment of Artificial Intelligence allows to identify a person through biometric analysis and digital processing of the face, through the use of software that can identify the same person in photographs, just take a photo to any passerby to have access, after a few moments, to all the information he has not protected on his social networks. 3D technology thanks to infrared, is able to work even in the dark. But in addition to recognition, an analysis of the facial reaction is now also made, thanks to the collection of data that allow the construction of a series of predictive algorithms, then used by the software to decipher all the different facial expressions. A development of this type suggests that this type of solution will be used to "spy" consumers, but could fairly accurately guess whether people immortalized in a photo are homosexual or heterosexual, as well as distinguishing whether they are criminal or not, such as are the risks related to personal privacy or discrimination? We need to return of the power of the mask of ancient times, used as a form of protection to our identity? This series intends to make the observer reflect on the change taking place and the social impact it will have on our lives.