LensCulture Editor Review
Project info

My photographs reconstruct sites where anticipation and possibility have accumulated as the artifacts of future experience and discovery of place. They are records of a substitution of anticipation for experience. I use drawings in my constructed landscapes as both starting point and object in the image, combined with found objects which also appear as items collected from a possible location. The photographs are built within the context of natural and man made structures, and scientific explanations of natural phenomena. My photographs reduce the colossal and long-enduring formations to fragile and transitory symbols and offer only glimpses.

I'm using the analog photography process because anticipation is inherent in this silver nitrate process. The latent image that exists on the unprocessed film, and the wait in the darkroom for the image to appear are natural extensions into process of the theme of anticipation in my work. The monochrome palette furthers the idea of a glimpse into possibility by reduction to shapes and symbols and simultaneously connecting to a history of truth and document.