Too Much Human
Project info

Too Much Human is my first attempt at using Photoshop to create a body of work. I have dabbled in Photoshop for a few years but nothing that I would consider a uniformed and deliberate attempt at communicating something.

Too Much Human is a personal reflection on the state of human integration with social advancement and technology.

I see a slow ( or fast depending on how you view human cognitive development) erosion of certain human values. Individuality has been hijacked by the need to stay relevant, creativity is often only a cheap copy of the original peddled to uneducated audiences, self worth has warped into self promotion and narcissism, love hacked to its knees for the sake of endlessly indulging in personal desires/needs, news is no longer what matters and is just as escapist as a TV drama and so on and so forth. Its all too human.
While this outlook is quite negative there are a lot of benefits to social media. There are positive examples too. What happened in Egypt, the Occupy Wall Street movement (Though one could argue the actual outcomes of the movement), and the work of the Epoch Times and NTD TV to smuggle news out from behind the Great Fire Wall of the Chinese Communist. While these are great examples of social media triumph to me they are much like a alcoholic that has a sober moment, a rare blip of clarity. The everyday use of social media has in my opinion had an unusual effect of society. Everyone is so interconnected and anonymous that sometimes I feel like we are losing our minds. Arguing with ghosts in the shell on YouTube, forever selling our personal trivialities online, rather than learning from the abundance of information we seem to cluster in groups to share similair outlooks and bully those that don't share it and I notice a trend in people turning themselves into marketable products, what happened to being an artist or musician for the sake of development, passion and expression. I even have a friend who deletes his photography posts if they don't get enough likes as if his work is directed by a collective conscious of people he doesn't know. Where is the individuality if you can't stand by your own insights, personal taste and live for yourself.

I am a human with flaws, failed dreams, and deep personal issues. I am also not a walking highlights reel. My day to day is enough human.

All images are my own. Collected over 2 years from both Australia and Japan. 60+ hours was spent building the collection ground up from rough pen sketches.