Here to Heal
Project info

My work presents intimate relationships, mostly between young women, and explores a sense of emergence into their own bodies and sexual beings. My practice has evolved from a hidden record of emotional and physical experiences, including an eating disorder, drug use, depression, anxiety and recovery, to an expansive documentation of healing, relationships and connection with others, and growing into one’s own body and sexuality as a young woman. The work, which is of a diaristic nature, has been developed from a place of observation and a sense of understanding one’s own body.
Innately interconnected with one another, women are built up of interwoven complexities of light and dark, pleasure and pain and awakening and suffering. The world can be a challenging place for young women to grow and evolve in, and to ultimately call home. We are met with overwhelming difficulties that arise in our mental and physical selves, which we must endure or overcome.
This series depicts expanded moments in time that I have shared with both women in my life, and with myself. Power and boldness of light are seen in unison with the fragile nature of our human condition. There is an element of surrender to the space that surrounds us, a desire to set our minds and bodies free from the discomfort, anxieties and traumas that often contribute to the tapestries of our lives as young women.
This series is presented as C-type Matt prints in White Frames, ranging from 24x36 inches, to 50x60 inches in scale individually.