The Duality of Truth: between aspiration and realisation
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Is truth an aspiration? An ascension to perfection? The truth of God, the one and only Truth? 

Or is truth realised through technology? Through the answers of search engines? Is truth provided by television and social networks?

The truth of realisation is billions of little pieces of information dissected and reunited to become “The Truth”. Tiny pieces travelling in all directions, processed by computing platforms and recomposed in our heads, by our cognitive tendency to fill gaps and make assumptions, by believing only in what we read and what we can see.

With the advance of progress, aspirational truth, promoted by faith and religion, has been progressively ditched, in many cases ridiculed. The modern man began to believe that there is no other truth that the one he is able to produce, with consumerism advocating the ability to fulfill all needs of humankind.

However, as “connection” increases we feel more and more alone and distanced from Mother Nature and our communities. Unprecedented diffusion, by mass media, of what today constitutes information (largely negative events), has contributed to the creation of fear and diffidence.

Activities of computing platforms and management models, seeking endless economic returns, are driven by models that promote suboptimisation and create injustice and damage to the environment, exploiting the most vulnerable communities.

Today, realised truth is propelling extremism and has become a binary model of thought: its confirmation is the negation of any other possible option. But if man was to realise his limitation, Truth should be better acknowledged as a continuum of infinite possibilities, in the values of Love and Respect for all humankind