The Streets of Seville
Project info

My wife is from Andalucía, Southern Spain. I am from northern Germany. We have been visiting her family in Seville for 25 years before I started to take photos on the streets of Seville. What can you know about a place, a culture, which is not your own? What is the essence of a place and a culture? Can the street photographer observe this essence in the streets or is his view condemned to be superficial?

The series "The Streets of Seville" tries to capture some of the aspects I perceive as unique to Andalucía, things which starkly contrast with my austere, protestant, north German roots: the place of food, religion, music and dance in everyday life.

Food and eating have a very prominent place in Andalucían culture. You are what and where you eat. New places to eat spring up all the time. Discussing places to eat is an important topic of any conversation. Restaurants run their kitchens with big windows to the streets to attract customers.

Just as restaurants, churches are places where the public sphere blends into the private sphere. The catholic religion is omnipresent. Small shops sell devotional objects. The church and mass are social meeting places. Religion has a strong presence in the character of the street and in street life.

Music and dance are not reserved for special occasions. They are a part of street culture and street life. When the night falls, the young people of Seville meet for open dancing events in front of the cathedral.