Postcards from Europe
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Postcards from Europe 03/13
work from the ongoing archive, since 2006
20 ink-jet prints on archival boards, 68.6 x 83.5 cm, shelf, postcards

Palazzo Selam, Rome. A group of men and women were standing around outside the Palazzo Selam. I asked the way to the comitato. After a while a tall, taciturn man asked what I wanted and told me quietly that they’d had enough of people coming here, taking photos, asking questions and leaving again. Activists, politicians and journalists had come from Germany, Finland many other countries, he said. The comitato had files documenting every single visit. They had all toured the building and spoken with residents, but nothing had changed. The whole world knew what conditions they were living under. So what did I want?
Journal, 7 November 2012