Housatonic River: Transitional Landscapes
Project info

This project began with photographing the upper east branch of the Housatonic River, which borders my backyard. I was drawn to the river and surrounding landscape by the wildness of the river, despite its location in the center of town. Equally I was drawn by the local history, where paper mills were built along it’s banks as early as 1799. Overgrown canals lead through the forest toward mills that were torn down decades ago. The remains of old dams and century old moss grown bricks, ceramics, glass and pipes can be found along the river among the stones and logs. The Housatonic has been utilized by industry for generations, and the river can be seen as a central element around which paper and woolen mills, local communities, and the cultural history of the Berkshires formed. What remains of the early industrial structures are the substantial works - the foundations, dams and canals - some of which lie hidden among the tangled undergrowth of the river banks.