Faceless Beijing
Project info

Beijing is a huge megalopolis with crowded streets. I lived there for almost seven years and, every day, I would see many new faces of strangers that I would never remember. The crowd is anonymous and everyone tends to live in his own bubble, ignoring others. On a polluted day, lots of people, including myself, would wear a pollution mask. On a sunny day, some women would cover their faces because they are afraid of getting tan as they value pale skin. So when I took pictures on the street, I looked for various faceless portraits. Capturing them in playful ways was certainly a bit of a paradox: I forgot all the faces I saw on the street, but the faceless pictures stay with me. Hunting for moments when people’s faces got covered randomly or because they would do something odd was also a way to have fun. In the end, I hope this series of faceless portraits can combine fun, awkwardness, and a sense of mystery.