Project info

This body of work began as a creative exercise when I discovered a stash of old Polaroids that I had taken years before. I had originally intended to use these as source imagery for larger drawing based works. They were never intended to be considered artworks themselves and were not treated as such. Over the years, the photos were inadvertently exposed to extremes of heat and cold as well as general wear and tear and were showing signs of emulsion distortion and color fading when I rediscovered them. It was this aged and worn “found object” quality that appealed to me. They were relics of both my former self and my former work.

In an effort to preserve them from further deterioration, I decided to scan the original Polaroids. Then as luck would have it, my scanner malfunctioned in the most delightful way and produced digital files that further distorted the colors and fractured the original images. I seized upon this happy accident and turned my focus to the scanned images and through trial and error and editing, I have put together a group of images that I find compelling. I have tried to remain true to the chance element and the original distortions in these works and have done very little to alter the images that were created through the scanning process--aside from some minimal clean-up and reconstruction of the frames. I am interested in retaining their found object quality, flaws and all, and in highlighting their sense of being a picture of a picture.