The Family Album
Project info

A few years back, I found a large collection of old family photographs (some of which dated back before my parents were born) during a family visit to my native land China. I became fascinated by the uncanny nature of these photographic artifacts, and the obsession began from there. I knew I had something to say with this vast amount of information.

While working with these photographs, I realized that while these images offer a moment of truth and connection to a past that I was so longing for, they simultaneously conceal from me as much as they reveal. They refuse to give out any more information outside of the crumbled up miniature square or rectangle silver gelatin prints in tonal value of grey. This frustration led me to a series of experimentations including rephotographing, compositing, painting, text, etc,.

This ongoing project has since then become a re-contextualization of my family photographic archive in which I intensively explore the itinerant nature of the photographic medium. The process of reconstruction and re-contextualization gives me the freedom to expand the possibilities of these images beyond a mere album of family photographs.