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Asha Lang calls himself a drifter, his peers a ‘Streetie’
but most would call him homeless.

Abused by an alcoholic father and molested by the town
priest, Asha left home and became a drifter at age 15.

Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, he would
ultimately be institutionalized before living on the streets
of Melbourne.

He walks the grey streets every night. Feels the hum of
the city long after its suited establishment feel the homely
warmth behind closed doors. He says he feels the city
in his spirit, separating its sounds from the streets, he
mutters and laughs to no-one but himself.

A by product of Australia’s worryingly unaffordable
housing market, the summer of 2016-17 saw Melbourne’s
homelessness issue become increasingly visible on its

These images portray the dark street life of a man who,
while battling mental illness and destitution, tabloid
media and growing public negativity towards the
burgeoning homeless community, always maintained
the hope that one day he would be re-united with
his family.