Nuit Blanche
Project info

The work Nuit Blanche was created during the last three years, when I was open to any encounter with people or objects in the darkness of the urban night. The solitary roaming of the night began at dusk and ended with the sunrise - a trip into the unknown. The limbo of the night triggered in me an external as well as inner search for the unknown and put me in noisy conditions, which manifested as an image essay in Nuit Blanche. In this work you will find elements from nature, the composition of light, Greek mythology as well as references to historical events. They merge into a cryptic narration on several levels. The connections are deliberately set, but do not want to define any interpretation.

The work is composed of 16 color and black/white photographs in square and portrait format. Inkjet prints on matt photo paper, poster paper and photo film are reproduced on various documents (glued poster paper, mounted on Plexiglas, mounted on aluminum and framed). The sizes of the pictures vary between 48x32cm and 230x160cm.