Girish Opera
Project info

Yatra was one of the most essential part of Bengali folk-culture. There was time when television or radio did not even meet us in our dream. Thus, the only way to entertainment was Yatra which, unfortunately, has lost its value in recent days. Yatra is such a very tough form of performing art which demand the artist to his everything to express the character, otherwise a tiny mistake can ruin the entire story. Please note that there was no availability of technical effects or aids or retake like that of a movie. Therefore, an artist needs be a very prolific on acting too. In current situation, Yatra is losing its ground in globalization and commercialization and in the conjunction of the new screw on the, TV Serials. This new generation is so much addicted to this trees that the folk artist. Still there a some folk artists trying hard to keep this tradition all okay at every house, These artists have not yet got any official recognition as a folk and not even any “honourable recognition.” from the government.
"Girish Opera" is a team of amateur Yatra artists who are trying to keep this culture in rural locality of south bengal. The dedication of the folk artists of the group has never failed to amaze me. They make me spellbound.
Thus, Girish Opera, keeps shinning like a light of hope in the dark areas of 24 Parganas (South)