The Tininess of the Ruins (2015)
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The Tininess of the Ruins (2015)

Very accidentally, I walked into a roadside demolition site and found that the garbage there was quiet. I am very excited, surprised and fascinated. I photographed them, a mysterious world——nature and human, life and death, there and nothing, beauty and cruelty, subtlety and grandness, etc., all in one and the same extreme. The thoughts of people, ruins, and the universe also followed......


非常偶然,我走進一個路边的拆遷工地,發現那裡的垃圾安靜地閃光。 我興奮,驚訝,著迷。 我拍下它們,一個神秘的世界 ——自然與人, 生與死,有與無,美麗與残酷,細微與宏大等等盡顯其中,精妙之極。人,废墟,宇宙的思考也随之而来......

Wells Cheng