Love Her, But Leave Her Wild
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To me, femininity is a sublime harmony of strength and elegance. What is strength? A furious waterfall, maybe. And elegance? Perhaps the rainbow that is painted on the mist that surrounds it. Throughout my life I’ve seen that women are often made to decide between being strong or being elegant, and we aren’t used to uniting those two elements with the incredible grace and facility that Nature does.
These photographs, through the art of Flamenco and the concept of the changing of seasons, speak to the natural strength and elegance that lives within each woman, and how they can unite to become one fluid force instead of a dichotomy of conflicting forces, in a constant struggle within our souls. Just as Nature has her soft and gentle moments, she also has her moments of raging passion and power, and so do we. And that’s something we should be proud of and loved for. Let's love ourselves wild.