King of Junk
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King of Junk explores the delicious paradox that exists between reality and fantasy; The ego of her subjects is manifested in the gaudy ornamentation that proclaims their chosen lifestyle, they revel in the outward symbols of their status as style icons while we, the viewer, are fully aware of the health implications of this.

MarpLondon’s images are as vibrant as the brands she is targeting; their corporate colours reflected in the apparel of her subjects. This is an ingenious device and hammers home the point comprehensively.

MarpLondon’s photographs articulate a worrying thought that, for a whole generation, the pursuit of style will blind it to the potential dangers of substance.

Nothing new here you may think – and you’d be correct. However, it should also be noted that there is humour and wit in these technically accomplished photographs. This is an excellent of photography being used to make social commentary.

Text by Michael Stewart, Interactive Design Institute, University Of Hertfordshire:

(King of Junk 2013)