Project info

Marcin Ryczek's works are a series of minimalistic and symbolistic photographies. Their main idea is the minimum form and maximum content. The Harmonia title refers to the form, content
and process of creating the presented photographs. The theme is multidimensional; it refers to freedom, spirituality and human-nature relations.

Found in the surrounding world, not transformed graphically, clear images refer to straight lines and pure forms. Most of them are in black-and-white style, which emphasizes their minimalism and at the same time refers to traditional photography. Some of the photographs, creatednmainly in Taiwan and India, were taken in color.

In the process of creating Marcin Ryczek's works, two stages descrying and waiting - are the most important. Descrying is an intense observation of reality, searching for something special
and interesting in seemingly ordinary places. Waiting, on the other hand, is looking for a moment in which one can capture the unique atmosphere of a chosen place, a moment in which something will happen that would reflect the author's sensitivity.

The photographs are metaphorical, ambiguous and universal in nature, which stimulates the imagination and encourages the viewer to reflect and interpret them in its own way.