Spoon Chatter
Project info

Influenced by statistics concerning global warming, animal rights, and human well being, these images were collaged using scanned and digitally archived materials. Toys were used to corroborate meaning by minimalism and childlike tendencies. Digitally manipulated, the works together call for awareness of a global issue, but the subject matter has been taken out of original context and reconstructed in a different atmosphere of interpretation. The toy animals and plastic artifacts found throughout the images were originally destined to become apart of some miniature collage or still life. Taken away from its original intent, the toys now became larger than their original size; distorted for the purpose of promoting a larger topic that - like the toys and artifacts found- are either disregarded, miniaturized, or marginalized to some extent.

The colors red, blue, and yellow were used because of their prevalence in children's books, tv shows, and advertisement. The colors individually have varying degrees of emotional relation. For instance, red is often used to symbolize anger and yellow for happiness. Since children acknowledge both toys and colors, it only makes sense to utilize them when attempting to explain global issues concerning wildlife, global warming, and hazardous environmental waste. In addition, the imagery is meant to be seen and understood by anyone because of its simplistic, childlike nature while proposing potential outcomes in the future. This project was created not only to impact adults, but to inspire younger generations to exhibit environmentally conscious decisions.