Method of Mechanism
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The creative process, for many, is a scary part of manifestation and innovation. Simply put, ‘making’ something isn’t as easy as it would seem. In painting and illustration, the artist starts with a blank canvas or board and is then asked to create from that supply. Photography varies drastically; photographers must create out of thin air and draw with light. Though the camera as machine captures light for the photographer, the decisive moment pervades the mind.

Not only is the process of taking a picture arduous, but the process of coming up with a subject or object to be immortalized is conflicting. Method of Mechanism depicts personal, emotional stages of the artistic process and how often times the end result can be overlooked or never discovered at all. The first image represents an idea forming into the second, the third (in color) then represents the decisive moment which is then wasted on the fourth image. In addition, this series explains the process further as an interpretation of ideas piling up through execution. Where the first image seems simplistic, the second image appears to have added more to the composition (and face). These images lead up to the last image and show the artist fully covered in a variety of textures, shapes, and sizes.