Power plants of Moscow
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The peak of popularity and significance of industrial photography falls on the 20th century - "The Age of machines" - the period of urbanization, industrialization and the rapid growth of production capacity. In the postindustrial society, interest in industrial photography has decreased, but this direction continues to live, develop and be actual.
Modern industrial photography is mainly produced by large industrial or energy companies because of the need to create a beautiful image of production, and the result is often only for "internal use" of such companies. It is difficult (practically impossible) for a common person to get to production sites and enjoy the aesthetics of a variety of industrial mechanisms.
Industrial objects and the geometry of their forms in combination with the author's understanding of the technological processes taking place in the mechanisms under consideration led to the realization that it is impossible not to display their subjective beauty through photography.
This photoproject is made at the combined heat and power plants of one of the largest energy companies of Russia - PJSC "Mosenergo" on the eve of its 130th anniversary.