Animal Existence
Project info

For this body of work, I am reprinting old photographs I find of extinct and endangered animals off of the internet. The paper is pre-sprayed with clear acrylic to prevent the ink from setting, causing it to stay liquid on the print. I then manipulate the wet ink in various ways.
I started making these to acknowledge the melancholy behind photographs of creatures that no longer exist. While accepting that certain species will no longer be experienced ever again, it is also a warning about future losses as well. I am interested in the mixture of photographic representation of an animal with a painterly depiction that works to express its essence. I mourn our loss of these animals, but I also mourn the loss of our perception of animals as it once was, before we conquered them, and respected and saw them in a way more profoundly and meaningfully than through science. We have lost a significant experience by losing those relationships with wild animals, a further distancing of our union with the natural world. From the early cave drawings, animals have inspired humans to use visual language as a form of communicating the spiritual - what goes beyond words, and it's that deep understanding that these images are meant to recall and perhaps also regain.