A Murmur In Space
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I learned of the passing of my great uncle one day. A few days later I drove home for his funeral. There was a downpour of rain the entire way, cascading off the windshield and spattering onto the pavement as I made my way. At one point the rain stopped and an enormous break in the clouds opened up, revealing an astounding beam of light just as I approached the last toll booth. At that moment I felt my uncle’s presence. It’s hard to express in words, as there are certain things that can’t be described, but it was a feeling that struck me deep within. Upon leaving the funeral home, I saw a pair of ducks hidden behind a bush, my first thought was how strange it was to encounter ducks in such a place. It appeared as though they were a male and female. The female walked away, still within my peripheral vision, the male then suddenly flew away. The whole thing felt peculiar, mystifying perhaps. I felt my uncle again as I watched the duck fly off into the sky.

Full series can be viewed on my website.