A Photo-Synthesis
Project info

My subject in this series is the harmony and synthesis achieved by the conflict between light and shadow. I'm interested in the way deep black and pure white render or momentarily “hide” the scene/objects, especially when there are distinct and deep shadows. The abstraction of just two extreme tones and least detail, helps me focus the attention on light and its effect on the scene. This approach may reveal to me a hidden beauty and/or the pleasant surprise of apprehending an ordinary scene in an interesting way. I marvel at how the contrast of these two “adversaries” -light and shadow, synthesizes an image and how it may also provide a sense of balance. It's actually a cooperation. A photo-synthesis of light and matter. Somehow this intense contrast reflects the conflict between some of my own inner aspects.
I started developing this technique using lithographic film. I had seen the results of it in a book and was very impressed. It's a black-and-white type but it eliminates all middle grays. Since I'm processing the images on the computer now, I try for a similar effect and a few times I may use color as well.
By sharing these images I just propose another viewpoint, hope to facilitate the viewer to see in an alternative way and maybe share this sense of beauty and balance. Also, when the recognition of the scene is not immediate, there is a chance for a fleeting perceptual shift, maybe even a small “aha!” moment. Sometimes the viewers' insight and translation of an image may present to me aspects of the image I had previously not been aware of. So I share also this perceptual ability, this freedom to interpret which after all is at the core of human uniqueness.