Father and Son
Project info

Father and Son is a collection of self-portraits with my father taken with my
iPhone. I started to take these images when my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and moved into a care home. I have been taking these photos since 2012. I started this not as a specific art project, but as a message to my partner so she could see how we were doing. My father is used to being in my artwork and it was a way of connecting with him and to my partner back home. I would sign onto his hand ‘photo’ and he would pose with me. After a few years of performing this routine I became aware of the archive I was collecting. As time passes, his illness progresses, but he still knows my presence. His chair now moved in front of a window, light bleeds the image, allowing and recognising the metaphor I carry on our ritual. 10 images selected here are from a collection of 82; I present these as 6x4inch glossy prints, acknowledging histories of domestic photography when photographs were physical mementos.