Submission - Life's Fragile Intensity
Project info

The title of the portfolio I entered in this competition is “Life’s Fragile Intensity”. It is a pictorial autobiography of my battle over the last 18 years with Parkinson's disease by becoming a photographer. Each image tries to capture a moment of being intensely alive. It is part of my larger work called “Healing Art” contained in my new book “Heaing Art – Don’t Let Anything Ruin Your Day”.
I am a firm believer in serendipity. Much of life is spontaneous. That is why it is so thrilling to be alive. You never know what will happen next -- winning the World Series, a hurricane, having a picture selected for an Aperture Exhibition, or waking up one day to find you have Parkinson’s disease.
This is where we have the best chance of defeating a disease like Parkinson’s. We cannot change the fact that we have the disease, but we can by God not let it ruin today. Maybe tomorrow but not today. I believe that life is good, that beauty is all around us, though we have to look for it, that we need to live as much as possible in the present and that time is precious. Parkinson’s disease gave me the gift of time to learn to take photographs that hopefully will give you some peace, joy, love and laughter.