Project info

My research starts from observing and listening to nature and the landscape. I try to engage in a rapport with them, so as to create a bond, a connection between myself and that which is in front of me. One of my aims is exactly that of developing a dialogue between man and nature, creating forms that investigate space, and changing the point of view. Confusing viewers in such a way so that they don’t understand if they are looking at a micro or macro representation and disorienting the viewer with another vision of places that I analyze, make an unforeseen reality emerge. This is hidden to most and appears only to those who stop to observe the underlying layers, where they can enjoy a fully meaningful experience. This reality needs time to come out, to take material form, so that it does not remain only an idea.
Time is another important element in my works, especially in my videos: it is either broadened or compressed so as to create a sense of destabilization in the viewer, taking him or her to perceive the simultaneity of temporality. Moreover, the presence or absence of sound creates a type of rhythm within the works and/or a further sense of disorientation. Our interpretation of a landscape determines the vision we have of the world, and changing that vision through a work of art means changing this perception, telling a story, and going beyond the limits of rationality, in order to live a new experience which enriches us and takes us into a dream-like space, if you like, or probably only one that is veiled and lies underneath the surface of things. Every viewer has to get to this point and build his or her own story. As the creator of these images, I do not want to limit the possibile interpretations that each one can see while looking at a work. I only limit myself to suggest certain causes for reflection which can lead the viewer towards another reality that lies within all of us.