Postcards from the Shore
Project info

I use my iPhone to both capture and process the images with various software applications. I transform the reality of the moment as my photographs become illustrations that evoke memory and the passage of time. I find a certain sense of irony in using state of the art technology to evoke memories of past days.
I began an ongoing series called “Postcards from the Shore.” It is part of a larger collection of images I have captured from various locations at the Jersey shore, including Cape May, where I teach photography workshops in the spring.
My first memories are from the summer days I spent at the Jersey shore. Every August, my family would escape the heat of the city and go to that magical place that was much more than a geographical location. Going “down the shore” become a state of mind as well as a change of venue. Oceanographer, Sylvia Earle once said, “ Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home.”
As I recently began to revisit and photograph the haunts of my youth, I discovered a timelessness to the place that shaped my formative years. I felt like I was visiting the home of my youth; a place where no matter how much time goes by, certain feelings still remain the same.
As I took photographs taken in locations shaped by memory, I soon discovered that for my images to resonate, they would have to become more than snapshots of beloved locations of sand and sea. They would have to illustrate a timeless quality that could not be defined or chronologically identified.