Die Entzauberung
Project info

These images are a selection of my recent work Die Entzauberung (Disenchantment) – which takes its title from a lecture by the german sociologist Max Weber in 1917, which examines the cultural rationalization and devaluation of mysticism apparent in modern society.

All images of the work originate from different archives from around the world and present an individual view of the Arctic.

Till the present day, a period when everyday enchantment is said to be on the wane, pushed back by the Enlightenment, the Arctic lives in our consciousness as a large number of impressions collected in images and stories. It is a foundational narrative of our culture and its use of images and ideas, myths and stagings.

"These stories, the true and the false, have gradually accumulated to form the vision of a distant and fantastic Arctic as seen through the window of Western culture. This Arctic is not so much a region as a dream: the dream of a unique, unattainable and compellingly attractive world. It is the last imaginary place."
- Robert McGhee