I heard the first ring of my death
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1 Year after the kidnapping and murder of the kurdish journalist Sardasht Osman, a student at Salahddin University in Iraq, Emeric Lhuisset, who was at the time resident on the campus, back to Iraq produced I heard the first ring of my death in memory of the event.

The title of the work is taken from the final article written by Sardasht in which he denounced corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan and predicted the likely consequences of his free expression of this criticism. Lhuisset’s homage was produced exactly one year after Sardasht’s body was found in the street with a gunshot to the head, a murder that was never explained and for which nobody was prosecuted. The work itself consisted of an intervention in the urban spaces where the events took place. Lhuisset made photographic copies of portraits of Osman Sardasht which he left ‘un-fixed’ so that they would fade in contact with direct sunlight. He then pasted up these portraits all over the town at dawn so that its residents would awake to find the face of the murdered journalist in many public spaces. However under the strong sunlight in Iraq, by midday these portraits had faded completely to black, leaving more abstract and sinister memorials in their place.