Real World
Project info

In photography, people also cannot escape the wrap of chronic expectation. When we mention photography, it may associate with camera. How is the quality of camera and whether it can take the image we want is the main thing we consider about photography. So the technicians of camera companies always try to cater the preference of consumers and make camera become more and more accurate. They are aiming to overcome distortion and reflection and eager for close to vision of human eyes, pursuing the “real world”. But the scene we cater to the chronic expectation is real or not?
In this project, I will use camera-less technique to “shoot”. I hope to break this rule through directly expose objects to the light sensitive paper. Let the normal life objects have different shapes on the enlarger. Thereby challenge the expectation of humans, and find a new equilibrium point.
Without the influence of technique, the image presents to our naked eyes is reality or fiction. The scene we never see before maybe is the “real world” of nature.