Carface, Jeff Kauffman
Project info

The Carface project is a series of photographs of the "faces" of toy Matchbox® cars from the mid-1960s to early 1970s. The artist chose a head-on view of the toys to portray the strongest, most unique part of any subject, the face. The use of square composition, shallow focus and a rich black background together emphasize the power of this portrayal. As old as the artist himself, the toys bear the scratches, chips, and accumulated imperfections from life's wear and tear.

The artist adds, "Until the early 1970s, Janet worked most of her adult life at a corner store in a rural Pennsylvania town. As each new toy reached the store, Janet purchased it for her growing collection. "They might be worth something someday", we would hear her say. When I grew up and moved away, she proudly gave me the collection, coupled with a wood display case hand-crafted by her husband George. Janet (1917-) and George (1915-2016) are my grandparents."

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