Nature Creation
Project info

In regard to this collection of artwork, I harnessed natural forces as artistic material in order to express my personal appreciation of nature. Additionally, the relationship between humans and nature has repeatedly been an underlying conversation in my work.
Here I show human understanding and intervention in nature by photographing landscapes. I chose color film as my medium because its specific layers and chemicals offered the complex possibilities I required for my experimentation. Furthermore, the color film also represents a human-made object in my creation. Nature has the ability to create beautiful images, but those images cannot exist without human intervention. In this collection, my intervention by introducing the film material physically to natural elements was key to the final images. My hope is that the final abstract images will give people lots of room for imagination and many interpretations, while still hinting at the creativity in nature. Through exhibiting portions of my process (field notes, collected samples, and video documentation), the negatives themselves, and the final images, I am expecting a diversity of interpretations from the viewers. Some viewers may consider the relationship between human and nature, as I have done and continue to do so while creating this work.