Translucent abstractions..
Project info

In my personal work I try to blur the lines between photograpy and other forms artistic expression in an abstract way. A drop of ink in glycol started these works. In a liquid ink moves around and tends to take a course of its own, with gentle manipulation it can be coaxed to temporarily take another direction. It's a subtle game between letting it flow or to intervene to get to where you want to go. With the help of the camera I was able to grab those fleeting moments. On average each image was the size of a credit card, some somewhat bigger, others even smaller but when blown up they convey a magical reality of their own. Most of the computer work was getting rid of tiny dust particles that got lodged in the liquids, for the rest most of the image manipulation took place right on the light-box. All the images were photographed using a sony a7R2 with mamiya 645 lenses and a close-up adapter.