Inhabit the Artificial NightScape
Project info

Inhabit the Artificial NightScape is an ongoing research inspired by skyglow and its colours, and it looks at the dialogue between light and space around it.
Nowadays, human activity is colonising Planet Earth with artificial light. Sky glow is more and more visible in today’s environment and it is causing a disruption of biological rhythms on human health, changing habits and spaces. Tints of colours are the backgrounds of the new artificial day, a phenomena dictated by contemporary human behaviours. The work plays with the topic with an aesthetic eye, showing various settings, from altered reality to fictional spaces.
The work has many formal approaches, from the smallest scale of a bodyscape to the self-built optic object to the environmental intervention. To explain few pictures: the visual storytelling it includes The Flag of Light, an environmental intervention, that visualises the colonisation of artificial light on our Planet. Also Atlas holding up the sky with artificial blue light emphasise this conquer on Earth. An Earth where the artificial light can transform a bodyscape in a blue desert, or can recreate a geometric aurora Borealis. The self-built optic object, made of filters and place between the camera lens and a body of still water, depicts a pond made of many colours.
Combining photographic practice with site specific thinking, this body of work captures ephemeral light events. Exploring the boundary of fictional spaces helps me to question the reality of artificial light.