Project info

As a visual artist working with ephemeral Out door projects, building and using natural materials, photography has always been part of this artistic journey being represented. And this series of 10 photos is a selection of staged photos being made over a longer period of time (10 years), often made alongside larger site specific projects. All images investigate the concept "Nature" and those different interpretation and cultural behaviour we may develop in relation with Nature. On a visionary level, the Art I create is a contribution for a greater environmental awareness.
The visual and photographic language in most cases brings forth Landscapes as a stage, rather having a theatre audience in mind. I am particularly interested in how body motion can be expressed in still images. And it is of importance that the models relate their bodies to their surrounding. The approach to a camera is similar to how I approach a working process with an Out door installation. Limitations lay in the simplicity of body and tools. In photography, texture, light and colours is the main keys to a satisfying result.
Narratives being told are often influenced by anthropological life patterns in those areas and counties I ´v been invited to visit and work in for a period of time.
Combining these photos to a selection for LensCulture is based on visual repetitions such as using 4 photos from Nature Dishes, appearance of colours, shape and textural details.