CAPTIVE - FACES [series]
Project info

This is what I see. It can be blurry, happy or sad, fairy or seedy. This work represents a part of my life, a part of me. A choice of imperfections, a choice of disturbing things, parts of my disturbed world. Every picture is a part of its own picture, of its own world. I choose to present those specific pieces to share with you what I see, what I feel. The series is named CAPTIVE - FACES because captive it's how I feel and faces it's what I see. Prisoner of my imagination, of my brain, of myself. A true freedom that I can't deal with, even less domesticate. I'm the slave of my own freedom, trying to catch and crystallize every face instead of ignoring them. It's rough, but also sweet, it's all about feeling and perception, duality and fuzziness. This series isn't about polished and clean shoes, it's about scars and mud on those shoes.