Periferia (Periphery)
Project info

Once a slave port, Cartagena, Colombia has a history of devaluing and dehumanizing the African populous, once believing they did not even have souls. Hundreds of years of discrimination has pushed the Afro Colombian communities into the periphery (periferia). Many years have passed and because physical chains no longer exist, it is easily a topic that is not acknowledged. Founded by Lobadys Pérez Barrera in 2010, Periferia is a contemporary dance company inspired by the cultural studies and critical reflections on the effects of colonialism in contemporary societies. By drawing from elements of contemporary dance, urban dance, and multiple varieties of wider Caribbean aesthetics, Lobadys has created a choreographic language, unique to Periferia that embodies complex, innovative body movement. Through this language, difficult stories are told through performance art, a reminder that art is such a powerful way to digest even the most complex and even unpopular concepts.