Project info

FACES is a family of portrait characters. The portrait in art is what interests me most in terms of discovering the secrets of the Other. The human face and body constitute a palette of emotions, memories and secrets.
The starting point for Faces was disappointment of choices and changes that follow as a result of taking action. Faces is an artistic experimant about love, pain, conections between people who built their relations on difficoult childhood. Polaropid photographs are the main artistic express, but there is a documental movie Faces as a moving image expresion.
Throughout my life I have been assimilating myself to the consequences conditioned by the choices made by myself, but it has also been a by-product of the others’ approach. The foundation occurs only in the fusion with the Other. I recognise myself in the context of the other. "According to Martin Buber, it is a man himself to describe the relationship in which he interacts with other people, and the relationship itself allows him to define himself more efficiently". I will not know who I am until I meet the other who tells me about it.