Project info

PK Donson was introduced to the study of tidewater sand forms by David Batchelder, a photographer in North Carolina. She found many things in these oft overlooked designs in the sand. The very shapes of our universe can be found in them. Sometimes it looks as if you are looking from Google Earth at a river delta, other times, landscapes, vegetables, roses and other flowers and animals. When she gets the raw files onto her computer she enhances the colors. Occasionally adding a part of another image to "sell" the story. The coloring depends entirely on the sources for the sand. If they have been dredging the channel then the tidewater will carry the sand from the bottom of the ocean and it will have the heavier metals in it. If, however, there are a lot of shells in the sand it will carry those colors. Before the colors are enhanced, all sand looks like, well, sand. But when you push those colors, she begins to see the greens of copper, the reds of iron and many more elements. It's a surprise every time. Each image changes her perspective on how she sees the things around her.