Living in Hidden Lines
Project info

Homes are built over years, often changed in major and minor ways for the duration they are lived in by one family. My parents separation and subsequent moving out from this comfort, sparked a curiosity into the rooms that have been added, adapted and filled with belongings. Looking through endless amounts of building designs and photographs, brought me to the thought that blueprints and negatives are the same. Both are the beginning of possessing the evidence of a life.

The blueprints within the collages act as an autobiographical signature, whilst presenting a contrast between the function of the designs themselves. They can be a plan to build a home, but can also be a reduction of one into basic lines, empty of sentimental value. Through deconstructing my own photographs and temporarily fixing them together with the archival, I reflect the act of sorting through memory.

Homes are where we grow, where we develop our personalities and keep what is precious to us. Proof of stages in our lives, photographs are the same yet are incapable of being hollowed out.