Palaces of words
Project info

"He uses the photography to create conceptual installations, has created refined matches between imagination and memory, between history and fantasy"

The images presented are part of the project "Palaces of words”.
A babel of voices: sounds, words, rumors, …whispers, shouts, thoughts and memories. In a simple word, Life, yes, because first of all a town is a vital place, a dynamic place, always changing. Nicolò has stolen the soul of the town, sometimes by chance, just holding on to its various buildings that belong to different periods, built for different lives but all correlated to each other and nearly melted in one element, all sharing the same nervous and restless rhythm of the urban.From historical palaces to unknown buildings, the artist’s eyes move from here to there, between streets and lanes, near and far. He is capturing life, the life that has been spent and still has to come in these buildings, to hundreds and more stories that have been told among those walls. Nicolo’s buildings are made of men, lived by men. He has listened to voices. Voices trapped inside but that can witness the life of people that have lived there for days, months, years or for an eternal life.Nicolò is used to projects that go beyond the boundaries, projects where Art and Literature dialogue together. He has imagined these building like an ultrasound machine to capture the echo of people and with a trick, buildings become alive through words printed on books pages, books printed on the buildings’ period. Buildings voice becomes loud and visible and it shows the town soul. In between picture and painting, Palazzi di parole, Palaces of Words provide sight, sound, touch, even smell sensations of familiar but sometimes granted images.A project based on palaces built years ago but that would like to invite everybody to think about the actual urban spaces, to reflect about the role of Architecture today.