Touched and Seen with Body and Snow
Project info

‘Touched and Seen With Snow and Body’ is a series that contemplates memory and the human experience and attempts to express both simultaneously through a photograph. Snow is collected from the very same mountain range that is portrayed in the series, and brought into the darkroom as an atmospheric gesture; whilst the scene is being projected and the image is being made fresh snow is piled on top of the paper and the exposure is made through the snow and the body. Combining tactile experiences with the elements, materials she works with and finally her own body, Fornieles embraces the paper and snow as an attempt to keep it and herself warm.

By combining camera based and camera-less techniques in the darkroom Fornieles work sets out to subtly subvert the indexical characteristics of photography. She explore the relationship between projected boundaries, limits of perception, photography, performance and the body. There is a playful, physical, performative reflection of the subject matter in the darkroom process. The photographic paper gets held to her body in various poses leaving echos of physical traces, bodily excretions, hair and fingerprints merging subject matter, action and photographic form.

Fornieles investigate how representations of the female body within landscape can affect the way in which we culturally understand gender, identity and geography. She uses her body as a tool, a camera and a mark making device. There is an interest in the apparent indexicality of truth, memory and space perception which delimit restrictions within the photographic medium, whilst highlighting cultural perceptions of space and beauty in art and life.