Project info

- I have a learning disability called visual dyspraxia
- It means that I have the dexterity to do things, but I get overwhelmed with too much visual information. It’s difficult to conceptualize and then execute steps: (what comes next in a series of events.)
- Visually these forms have a lot of weight to them.
- The Images I create act as templates for larger sculptural installations.
- This relationship between image (photographic) and sculptural expresses my need for physicality in the photographic process.
- I have a tensioned relationship with physical, moving, changing spaces.
- Imagery I create acts as a proxy interpreter for my visual dyspraxia. What you see is not what I see, but how I see. (And how I see is what I see)
- A broken camera still produces an image; it’s a metaphorical interpreter, a way of seeing, a way of understanding.
- Process and repetition and starting from a pile…from a mess. Allows for understanding and questioning and deconstruction and reconstruction and freedom and experimentation and possibility and organization.