The Fear
Project info

I work as a children's and family photographer.

Lev Tolstoy said that happy families are all alike, but I believe the opposite. For me, a family is not just a group of cohabitants. It's also moments that can be quickly erased from memory, but leave deep traces in human relationships. These are the moments that I capture in my work.

My project is about childish fear. This is a part of my main practice, but also a task with a deep personal dimension. In my childhood I was accompanied by a bunch of irrational fears. I didn`t know how to escape from them: the adults did not understand what frightened me and therefore could not protect me from danger.

It is naive to suppose that childhood anxiety disappears when we`re growing up. It is transformed, transferred to a new subject, but its nature remains immutable. I experienced this when I felt a new fear - fear for my own children. When their placidity is eclipsed by something not accessible for me, the words do not always help.

In that situation I make what works best for me - a picture. The artist and model have a special language to communicate. It allows you to reveal the things that may be difficult to express. There is something unspeakable in childish fear and I bring it to light through a visual image. This communication is on the verge of therapy, because open and well-known can`t be scary.